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June 2020 Monthly Promotion!!

Each and every month we get free stuff just for ordering!

Here’s this months!

June Promos are here and they have everything we need for an awesome summer!! If you are spending time outside, enjoying the nicer weather you are going to want to grab up all these freebies! Let’s learn more about all of these goodies! 300 PV (everything below) Cool Azul 15 ml The Athlete’s BFF and really for anyone with muscles! Muscles and joints love this cooling oil. It feels amazing when massaged into your hardworking body parts! Or for those of us in warmer weather - you want this on a 90 degree day - TRUST me. Just drop it on your neck and arms! Sweet, cool azul relief! Or um moms who carry babies all day!!!! Your body will thank you for this and this! 250 PV tier (everything below) Kunzea 5 ml Your perfect single oil to add to your diffuser with your free Citronella this month! This oil also feels great on your muscles. My favorite way to use this is to freshen the armpits. Seriously this oil will take the funky smell out of anything! Including the armpits. 190 PV (everything below) Peace & Calming 5 ml The name literally says it all. So calming and peaceful worn on your body, diffuser jewelry, or diffused. This oil used to be in the Premium Starter kit when I got started and was the first oil I ran out of my kit because we all need some peace and calming (says the mama of 5 people under age 9). This is a mama favorite for sleep, relaxation, and that two hours before bedtime when you want to rip your hair out. Ever tried to make your own play dough? Here is a mom of 5 tip for you- add some Peace + Calming and chill those babies out. GREAT for traffic, annoying co-workers (lol), basically anytime you need some Peace + Calming. Emotionally this oil is linked to addiction, argumentativeness, being a victim, sadness, indecisiveness, control and moodiness. (Um, yeah I might need that oil like a few bottles!) Picnic blanket (ER exclusive): Picnic in style this summer with this exclusive YL-branded picnic blanket. It is packable, durable, and totally cleanable. Perfect for the park, the beach, or the backyard! 100 PV (ER exclusive) : Citronella essential oil, 15 ml Want to enjoy the outdoors this summer annoyance free ? Then grab up some Citronella. This also has an uplifting aroma! We love to add some citrus fresh to this in the diffuser for a fresh and clean smell in the kitchen.


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