• Kim Vogan

Detox Your Home FB Class

May 28th -7:30pm CST

You deserve to breathe clean air in your own home.

Your kids, your spouse, your pets, and anyone else that walks in your home deserve it too.

The unfortunate truth is that when there are synthetic man-made cleaners in our homes we don’t get to do that. The air is polluted and we can’t air it out every single day!

We started our journey 5 years ago and now and we are ALL breathing easier. We don't go to the Dr's office unless its a wellness check. My husband hasn't had the sinus infections that he did multiple times a year every year before.

As parents, we can breathe easier when kids lick things...or dogs lick things.

AND....I no longer cringe at the thought of my children using harsh chemicals to HELP clean around the house!

It’s just all around better!

Come see how it’s so much easier than you think and still kills germs.

Click here or click the image below to join in on this great class!


Too Tired To Mom


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