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A Mom's Wellness Chest

There’s not much worse than waking to any family member feeling under the weather. You scurry in the dark looking for something to use on them and can’t find what you need. 😢

No time for that!🙅🏼‍♀️

I recommend making a bunch of rollers, so IF a need arises, you are ready to support those bodies!💪❤️

(All roller recipes are for 10ml)


We have a roller made up of carrier oil only, this way we can dilute on the fly if we happened to run out of a roller and needed to use a stronger oil. Grab some V6!!!


(This should be in every bedroom, but I always have an extra dedicated to the wellness chest.)

Kids (ages 3-8)

5 drops Thieves 3 drops Frankincense 3 drops Lemon 1 drop oregano Top with carrier


15 drops Thieves 8 drops Frankincense 5 drops Lemon 5 drops oregano Top with carrier


Kid Dilution:

3 drops Raven 5 drops Lemon 4 drops Purification 2 drops Thyme Top with carrier.

Adult Dilution:

15 drops Raven 10 drops Lemon 10 drops Purification 5 drops Thyme Top with carrier.


Kid Dilution:

5 drops lavender 5 drops lemon 5 drops peppermint 3 drops copaiba Top with carrier.

Adult Dilution:

15 drops lavender 15 drops lemon 15 drops peppermint 10 drops Copaiba Top with carrier.


Kid Dilution:

(adult can use the same but doesn’t have to be diluted as much of you want it stronger)

10 drops Lavender 5 drops Copaiba 5 drops Frankincense 10 drops Tea Tree 5 drops Purification 1 drop Oregano Topped with carrier oil.


Roll behind and all the way around the outer ear. When you feel the little indent behind the earlobe, massage the oil in a downward motion down the neck to help drainage.


Drop essential oils and carrier oil in palm of your hand (using roughly a 1:8 ratio of essential oils to carrier oil).


Rub down the spine and back of neck and around navel. You will more than likely need to use often while it lasts! You can use this every 30 minutes to an hour, or as needed.

Kid Dilution:

1 drop peppermint 1 drop Frankincense In palm with carrier

Adult Dilution:

2 drops peppermint 2 drops frankincense In palm with carrier


Kid Dilution:

12 drops DiGize 4 drops Peppermint Top with carrier.

Other product:

* Kidscents TummyGize (this is a pre-diluted oils for little bellies)

Adult Dilution:

20 drops DiGize 10 drops Peppermint Top with carrier.

(Add ginger and nutmeg if things are moving upward as well😝)


7 drops Frankincense 7 drops Lavender 7 drops Tea Tree Organic FCO Distilled water In 2oz spray bottle Oil: Kidscents Owie oil


Kids dilution: 8 drops lavender 8 drops purification 5 drops tea tree Top with carrier.

Adult Dilution:

15 drops lavender 15 drops purification 8 drops Tea Tree Top with carrier.


5-10 drops each oil in a roller Copaiba and Lavender

Rub on jaw line. You can also apply Copaiba directly to gums.


If you have "littles" you need all of these in your chest ready to go!

* Owie * Sniffleease * TummyGize


So that was long!😱 and I could share way more! You could add chest rubs, wellness bath salts....whatever meets your family’s needs!❤️

But the idea is to take the things you know you’ve needed in the past, and make a good wellness chest. Build as you may have never needed an ear roller, but make it at first sign and then you have it!💁🏼‍♀️

Do you have an "let's stay well" favorite, you always keep on hand?


Too Tired To Mom


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